What The Purpose of the Prolotherapy You Should Know

What The Purpose of the Prolotherapy You Should Know. Prolotherapy is one of the innovative technological methods that help to diminish the pain that affects the body usually joint, ligament, and tendon.

What The Purpose of the Prolotherapy You Should Know
Knowing Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a medical term when a certain irritative substance is injected to the body joints or any other part of injured connective tissue (including ligament and tendon) to stimulate the regeneration of the body to become better and to heal the part of the body itself. Prolotherapy will help to repair the disabilities in a certain area, like degenerative disabilities, inflammation that is caused from injury. It is one of the alternatives of the therapy. To whoever has painful musculoskeletal disabilities and connective tissue that is getting worse even though the patient’s already taken a rest and common conservative treatment. Prolotherapy is the medical action by injecting some irritative substance to the body’s joints or the tendon and ligaments (connective tissue).

The irritative substantial is one kind of sugar, which is called dextrose. This will stimulate the growth and the healing to the disabled area, so it will reduce the painful. Let’s see how prolotherapy works.

Is It Effective?

The effectiveness of the prolotherapy based on the research of the expert shows that more than 80 percent of the patient that has this therapy report the positive result, safe and effective in the long-term period.

Whats The Purpose of the Prolotherapy

What The Purpose of the Prolotherapy You Should Know
Purpose of the Prolotherapy

The purpose of prolotherapy is to reduce the pain and stimulate the body’s ability to heal on its own. Prolotherapy is great to relieve the back pain, knee arthritis, some injuries when exercise https://cemedepositpulsa.com/. Or any kind of joint and muscle disabilities like back and neck arthritis, whiplash, tennis elbow, injured joints, or chronic inflammation on the tendon (tendonitis).

How the Mechanism of Prolotherapy?

What The Purpose of the Prolotherapy You Should Know
Mechanism of Prolotherapy

How prolotherapy works is it will stimulate the inflammation in the injection area. Activate the inflammation cells to the area, and stimulate the new collagen tissue formation that will strengthen the connective tissue. Some chemical reaction occurs in the inflammation area due to the injection that will stimulate the new cells and repair the broken tissue. When the soft tissue gets injured. It will respond with the inflammation in that area as the natural response of the body. The inflammation process will stimulate the substantial in the blood to produce the necessary growth substantial to the healing process. Ligament, tendon, and cartilage lack blood supply. So the healing process is often not completed because of lack of the necessary substance.

The inflammation process will also be hampered when the patient consumes the anti-inflammation medicine like Ibuprofen. Naproxen or non-steroid anti-inflammation medicine receipt to reduce the pain and inflammation in the tissue. The dextrose that has been concentrated with a little addition of local anesthesia is injected into the troubled ligament, tendon, or joint. The substance is not only the nutrition, but stimulates the natural ability of the body to repair the tissue. And stimulates the growth of the ligament or tendon.