Prolotherapy Therapy to Overcome Joint Problems

Prolotherapy Therapy to Overcome Joint Problems. Joint problems are problems that often cause discomfort and pain in the joints and surrounding areas. Joint problems that are usually experienced include joint inflammation, joint dislocation, sprains to arthritis.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy Therapy to Overcome Joint Problems
What is Prolotherapy

Pain that interferes makes someone who has joint problems become disrupted activity at To overcome this, several treatments can be done, one of them with prolotheraphy therapy which is widely recommended to cure pain in the joints.

Prolotheraphy is a treatment technique that injects fluid into the joints and connective tissue. Prolotherapy or often called regenerative joint injection is a solution for sufferers of joint disease to be able to overcome the pain caused.

Prolotheraphy is an alternative treatment that is widely used by many people to deal with pain in the joints or the surrounding area. In general, prolototherapy is used on the back and certain areas of the body starting from the shoulders, hips, neck and hands.

How is the Prolotherapy Process?

Prolotherapy Therapy to Overcome Joint Problems
Process Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is done by giving an injection containing irritant substance to the tendon or joint. The substance that is commonly used is dextrose which is a natural substance. This substance is intended to stimulate tissue to grow and strengthen connective tissue.

In the process of prolotherapy the doctor will target the area that feels pain. The goal of this therapy is to stimulate tissue so that it can grow healthier ligaments or tendon fibers. That way the pain in the joints will gradually disappear.

The prolotherapy procedure takes about 30 minutes including time for insertion, injection and time for recovery. In addition, this treatment also does not require surgery, general anesthesia or patients must stay in the hospital, so that the process of prolotherapy is indeed fast and can be done in the clinic.

The doctor will perform local anesthesia to the joint area which aims to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself, so it can help to grow new tendon and ligament tissue.

Preparations for Prolotheraphy

Prolotherapy Therapy to Overcome Joint Problems
Prepare Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy therapy must first consult a doctor. Basically, not everyone can do this therapy. Patients who have certain conditions, may not be recommended to do this therapy and may be advised to do other therapies. For this reason, consulting a doctor is very important to do to get the best results.

For patients who have previously taken anti-inflammatory drugs, doctors will advise not to take these drugs a few days before doing therapy. This is done so that the therapy provided can provide maximum results. In practice, the doctor will sterilize the patient’s skin with cleaning fluids such as alcohol. Then the doctor will also give a cream that can relieve discomfort when injecting. The injection is also based on the area that is experiencing the problem. Prolotherapy Therapy to Overcome Joint Problems.