Prolotherapy And How It Works What You Should Learn And Know

Prolotherapy And How It Works What You Should Learn And Know. Ever heard of prolotherapy? For those of you who are not involved in muscle, joint, or bone problems, this one term might sound unfamiliar. But actually, prolotherapy is commonly used as a method of treatment for joint pain.

What is Prolotherapy for Joints?

 Prolotherapy And How It Works What You Should Learn And Know
Prolotherapy for Joints

Human bones and joints are of various types. These joints and bones support each movement of the body, to uphold and give shape to the body while allowing the body to move freely. In performance, these joints may experience functional problems, one of which is marked by pain, when performing certain motion models. There are several ways to deal with pain in this joint, and one of them is using the method of prolotherapy. This one method, although it may sound rather similar to the method of physiotherapy, and both are methods for joints, but both are different methods of handling and application.

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Prolotherapy is known as a method that uses the injection of a sugar solution, to respond to pain that occurs in the joints. So with this sugar recruitment, it is expected that the joints which initially experienced pain, can gradually improve.

How Does Prolotherapy Work For The Joints?

 Prolotherapy And How It Works What You Should Learn And Know
How Prolotherapy Works

prolotherapy works by inserting liquid sugar into the joints. Begin with a careful examination first, of the painful joints. This examination is useful to determine specifically where the location of the painful joint is. After knowing the painful part, the next activity is to do an injection or injection containing sugar solution, to position the painful joint.

After the sugar solution is injected, the joint will react to it immediately, showing symptoms of relaxation, and reducing tension in the joint. The content of sugar and water in the injection solution in plorotheraphy serves to provide stimulation to the joints, so that later can reduce joint stiffness, thereby reducing the pain caused. This sugary liquid will also be very effective in stimulating the joints to make repairs or heal naturally.

How Long Can The Effects Of Prolotherapy Be Felt By The Patient?

 Prolotherapy And How It Works What You Should Learn And Know
Effects Of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a method of injection of a sugar solution that has passed a series of previous medical trials. In this trial, it is known that the effect of pain reduction that might be obtained from this plorotheraphy method is very good. It is said by medical experts, the effects of prolotherapy can be better. When compared with other anti-inflammatory methods, like corticosteroids. Prolotherapy is known to have a permanent effect on pain relief. Corticosteroids usually provide pain management that lasts for only a few hours. However, if prolotherapy is done routinely, and with an appropriate examination period. The effect of pain reduction on the joints suffered by the patient, can last permanently.

That’s some discussion about the method of handling joint pain, namely prolotherapy. Do not forget to always consult a doctor, for any symptoms of prolonged joint pain that you feel. Do not do any self diagnose of joint pain that you feel, because it will be fatal. Go to the experts and get the appropriate treatment.