Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can be due to any one of a number of causes, including carpal tunnel syndrome, a broken bone, a sprain or strain, tendonitis or bursitis. Close to nine percent of all athletic injuries may be injuries to the hand of wrist. Throwing, weight-bearing, twisting and impacts are the four main types of ways wrists can become injured. Weakened ligaments are another common cause chronic wrist pain, and may also make an individual more susceptible to injuries.

nsjps-wrist-pain-1 How wrist pain develops.

The wrist is made up of 15 bones and 27 articular surfaces, that is, surfaces related to a joint, all in a sea of ligaments. Stability of the wrist is provided by the tight-fitting anatomic design of the individual carpal bones and by the ligamentous interconnections that control movement of one bone on another. When weakened ligaments allow one of the wrist bones to become unstable and shift positions, carpal instability results. In addition, any one of the ligaments may be torn due to an injury and become a source of pain. If the ligamentous injury is incomplete, the bones can assume a normal alignment at rest, but collapse under applied load. This is termed dynamic instability of the wrist. Static carpal instability occurs when enough restraints are lost that the bones assume an abnormal alignment.

What are the symptoms of wrist pain?

Common symptoms of wrist pain can include an aching, burning, numbness or tingling in the palm, wrist, thumb or fingers. The thumb muscle may become weak, making it difficult to grasp things. Pain may also extend up to your elbow. Bruising and swelling may be present if the pain is the result of an injury. Athletes who have experienced incomplete ligament tears or sprains may have no wrist pain at rest, but will experience pain during activity.

nsjps-wrist-pain-2 Conventional medical treatments may help relieve the symptoms of wrist pain, but they do not address the root of the problem. By strengthening structural weaknesses in the body, as natural medicine treatments like Prolotherapy do, wrist pain may be alleviated permanently.

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