Our Program

Non-Surgical Joint Pain Solutions offers a great alternative for chronic joint pain that is not readily discussed in the doctor’s office. When you have chronic pain, the doctor will recommend OTC pain medication coursework such as Advil, Tylenol, etc. that may alleviate the pain temporarily but also comes with a multitude of side effects, especially when used over extended periods of time. The next phase is for your physician to suggest a stronger, prescription pain medication that again comes with only temporary relief and with even more negative side effects. If the pain persists, cortisone injections will be recommended. Cortisone has many benefits, but is by no means a cure-all for joint pain. It will, in most cases, relieve the pain almost immediately and tends to last for several months. There are no internal side effects with cortisone because it is injected directly into the problem area and does not pass through the body. Although, there are a few problems inherent with cortisone therapy. One is that it can cause tissue damage in the injected area, thus most doctors will only treat you 2-3 times to prevent potential long-term damage. The other concern is that while the cortisone injection relieves the pain rather quickly, it can thus create a false sense of repair and entice you to engage in activities that could inadvertently cause further damage. Of course, after trying all of these solutions, your physician may finally recommend surgery.

There is nothing wrong with these recommendations; after all, it is traditional medicine. The issue is that there may be a better alternative for most patients with joint pain.

We offer an alternative treatment utilizing all natural solutions that work to allow the body to actually heal itself. As we age (say over the age of 35), our internal repair system slows down, especially as it works overtime addressing the increasing number of areas where attention is required. Our treatments promote healing by calling attention to these areas within the body alerting the internal repair mechanisms to focus on the area of pain or inflammation. In some cases (such as osteoarthritis), where there is no cure or regenerative properties, we are able to replace the lubricating fluid that is missing and causing discomfort. All of this through a non-invasive process while creating no down time, other than the short amount of time allowed for the procedure. There is no down side to utilizing such alternative solutions and it has extremely rewarding upsides in relieving pain and increasing your quality of life. The initial and ultimate goal is to free the patient of pain, period. Optimum results are to actual reverse the degeneration buy lab reports online cheap of the cause of the pain to provide a long-term reversal to allow for an active and vibrant lifestyle.

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All of our therapies are safe, proven, FDA approved and covered by most major insurance. Many of the treatments are also Medicare approved.

Benefits of our program:

  • Immediate, lasting pain relief
  • Regeneration of ligaments & tendons
  • No side effects due to the use of all natural solutions
  • Non-invasive process
  • Little to no down time from normal daily activities
  • No out of pocket costs in most cases (about 85% of patients)